• Low dead weight and high stability
  • Low installation dimensions
  • Low hook approaches
  • Large spans of up to 50 m
  • Cost savings in building and runway construction
  • Environmentally-friendly and low energy consumption cranes

Our cranes are distinguished by the specially developed OVAL profile. The stability of this particular shape guarantees high reliability. The low dead weight and low wheel loads save costs in building and runway construction.

Since the hoist of the OVALplus* is guided sideways of the girder, the hook is located alongside the girder in its highest position (see picture below). This design reduces the overall height or allows an increase of the lifting height or a lower ceiling height.


An oval girder crane offers appealing design along with its technical advantages.

For more information on our OVALplus* also visit Oval profile

Plain girder overhead cranes

  • For small capacities
  • For short spans
  • Trolleys with optimised installation dimensions

Plain girder overhead cranes from KÜHNEZUG give you a particularly economical solution for small capacities and short spans. This design is available with a low-headroom trolley for optimised lifting height or with a classic under hung design.
For more information on our plain girder cranes also visit plain girder