Frequency inverter

In crane systems by KÜHNEZUG, advanced frequency inverter technology is used. Frequency inverters can change the amplitude and frequency of a voltage. The converted voltage is used to drive the lifting or drive unit motors, allowing continuous control of hoisting and travel speeds.
Depending on requirements, two speeds and arbitrary acceleration and deceleration times can also be preconfigured.
This technology is standard for all our crane and trolley drive units. The KÜHNEZUG frequency inverter control system is also optionally available for all hoists.

Advantages of frequency inverter technology:

  • More user-friendly handling
  • More precise, smoother positioning
  • Less wear on gears, wheels and traverse rails

In combination with the frequency inverter technology, a number of innovations in drive technology can optionally be implemented:

Anti-sway control: The effective anti-sway control system reliably reduces uncontrolled swinging movements in the lifted load resulting from acceleration and braking forces. The system works actively with the control electronics of the drive unit motors, compensating for swaying motions of the suspended load within the system boundaries. The damping of swaying motions resulting from external influences such as inclined lifting or wind is not possible.

Anti-crab control: Reduces skewing of the crane. Poor crane runways, uneven wheel wear or unbalanced crane loading (e.g. when the trolley is at one end of the crane girder) can result in skewing of the crane. That means that the crane is slanted away from the crane runway rails during travel. This results in increased wear and more force exerted on the crane runway. The system works actively with the controller electronics of the drive units to reduce skewing of the crane during travel.