Polymer wheels

The wheel, optimised

Our ROLLCOMPACT drive units for crane systems and trolleys are equipped by default with high-strength polymer wheels. In comparison with steel wheels, these wheels run particularly quiet and provide significantly improved friction values, preventing slipping and spinning of wheels. The reduced slip between wheel and rails greatly reduces wear on both components and minimises noise as well.

Instead of high-wear wheel flanges, we use lateral guide rolls to guide the crane. Due to the skewing of the crane on the edges of the rails, wheel flanges cause a high level of grating wear, which destroys both rails and wheels over the long term. The use of lateral guide rolls significantly increases the lifetime of rails and wheels.

The special polymer we have developed also offers a weight advantage in comparison with steel, which can be seen from the lower wheel pressure.

„You will enjoy the silence!“ – And your crane runway will thank you.

Advantages of polymer wheels in comparison with classical steel wheels:

  • Quieter running characteristics
  • Lower noise emissions
  • Better friction value: No spinning or slipping
  • Longer lifetime for wheel and rail
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower intrinsic weight, reduced wheel pressure

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